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    ALOHA! from Oahu Island… Wiamanalo, Hawaii

    Waimanalo Beach, Hawaii Where the sunrises are magnificent! Oahu Island is one of eight islands in the Pacific Ocean of Hawaiian Islands. It’s known for Honolulu and Pearl Harbor, making it the most visited island each year. In Waimanalo, sunsets are not an option due to the colossal mountains blocking…

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    Heading to the Beach? Learn 6 Safety Rules First!

    The Beach called… it’s for YOU! Take the call, it’s an automated message explaining how to make wonderful memories at the beach building sandcastles, fishing, swimming, kayaking, reading, boating, live music, laughter and more for a low price of… ok, that’s how these type of calls usually end. Fortunately,…

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    Little Harbor in Florida offers a quaint community destination

    Florida grabs the attention of many vacationers for sunshine, warmth, outstanding sunsets & popular attractions. Little Harbor is a hidden gem offering Bahia beach, watersports, restaurants, fishing pier, and resort accommodations in the Southshore area. The Southshore area is located in Ruskin and known to the residents as Little Harbor. What…