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Dear Disney World… it’s not you, it’s ME!

I have been a Florida Resident for three years. I admit it, I’m a theme park junkie! I have annual passes to Disney World, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, and plan to become an annual passholder at Universal Studios. I’m an outgoing, adventurous, positive person who isn’t afraid to travel solo for new experiences. Let’s learn about this ‘sunny state’ called Florida.

Unique & Non-theme park Destinations

The purpose of this blog is to offer options to those who want to experience more than theme parks in Florida. People (like my dad) desire to avoid the theme parks due to crowds, noise, cost, etc. The Tampa Bay area offers more entertainment than I could even begin to mention, so I won’t even try. Then, there is the remainder of Florida.

Busch Gardens

My favorite theme park! If I’m not careful, they may charge me rent. lol Seriously though, this park offers an abundance of entertainment in addition to their daily activities. I’m looking forward to sharing about my experiences at Busch Gardens.

Universal Studios

I have visited one park, one time. Sad part, I wasn’t feeling well during the visit so I’m looking forward to this new experience.


Since I am an ocean lover, I love SeaWorld! This park offers amazing entertainment for all ages.

Dear Disney World… it’s not you, it’s me! Due to the countless number of Disney related articles on the internet, I will not be covering it on the blog unless something very special occurs in my life. Disney World… I still love you!

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