Heading to the Beach? Learn 6 Safety Rules First!

Beach Safety Rules photo beach entrance Achieving the Dragonfly Life: Florida Travel Blog by Heidi VancilThe Beach called… it’s for YOU! Take the call, it’s an automated message explaining how to make wonderful memories at the beach building sandcastles, fishing, swimming, kayaking, reading, boating, live music, laughter and more for a low price of… ok, that’s how these type of calls usually end. Fortunately, it’s not a gimmic! The beach is a great way to spend the day having fun or just relaxing. Before you go… here are six basic safety rules I’ve learned along the way.

Join HCFL Alert System!

Hillsborough County offers an official mass notification system to keep residents and visitors safe by keeping us informed of emergency events. This program offers certain non-emergency alerts too. When you create a profile, you may request alerts by text, email or voice. TIP: I chose all three methods since I’m never quite sure where I will be when the alert is issued. You may consider requesting the informational messages and severe weather alerts, especially during hurricane season. You can never be over prepared!

Beach Flags

Quiz Time! What do the flag colors mean? Take the Quiz HERE

How did you do? Answers HERE

Rip Currents

Check for rip current activity prior to your trip HERE

Be prepared by taking an online class HERE

TIP: always swim in a lifeguard area

Sun Exposure

Visitors may not realize the importance of sun protection, commonly thinking it’s only a vacation week of exposure. Learn your risks HERE

What is Ultraviolet (UV) radiation? Learn HERE

How can I protect myself? Learn HERE

How can I find out if I have skin cancer? Learn HERE

Stay Hydrated

TIP: bring plenty of cold water, umbrella or equivalent for shade, battery operated fan, cold food & snacks

Be aware of Ocean Wildlife

Jellyfish, Sea Urchins, Lionfish, Stingrays, Sharks… OH MY!

Learn how to stay safe HERE


One more thing… I enjoy hearing from my readers, especially if you discover a non-working link or incorrect information.

I do my best to inform my readers of current information available to me during my visit.

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