Serendipity at Claremont Village
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Serendipity at Claremont Village

Shop, Dine & Pamper is the perfect slogan!

Claremont Village is located in California. This quaint historic downtown district is full of kindhearted people, including a retired Paramount Studios graphic designer, authors and more… all waiting to share their stories!

This downtown offers an abundance of unique shopping and restaurants. Be sure to check out my favorites: The Hens’ Kitchen Shoppe, Espiau’s, and the 50’s diner named Village Grille.


Danny Hinz *Studio Signwriter

While enjoying a bit of window shopping on a crisp day with a slight breeze, my attention was captured by a gentleman providing signage services on a local business window. I was impressed by the professionalism of his work. The turkeys are adorable in preparation for Thanksgiving next week. Every word is perfectly aligned with the only visible tools being a paintbrush, a little paint, scraper and 12″ level. I just had to introduce myself and learn more about his artistic talent. Danny immediately introduced himself and offered to share about the community. After sharing he retired from Paramount Studios, he mentioned his work history: NCIS, Untouchables, The Doors, Star Trek (tv show), Forrest Gump, and Magnum PI. The signage artwork was created by him, so be sure to marvel next time you watch tv.

William R. Demastus *Author

While gathering information by Danny Hinz, another gentleman strolled near us. It was William Demastus who authored “Champagne with Hemingway”. Danny requested he join us, he agreed.

Mr. Demastus was an absolute joy and funny! He entertains his listeners by acting movie characters.

‘Serendipity’ is the word he used to express his random success opportunities in life. On this day, I experienced it too!


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I do my best to inform my readers of the current information available to me during my visit.

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